Friday, April 1, 2011

Dyeing for my art.

 This is all that was left of the cane I had dyed over the last few months. Today, with a temperature of 8 C, it was a good day to add more dyed cane to my inventory. I located my dyes, fired up the BBQ and set to work.
 An hour or so later, I had twelve 1 lb skeins dyed and ready to be hung to complete their drying process.
Here, the newly dyed cane is getting enough air circulation in my storage area to dry properly.

For this particular dyeing exercise, I used nine different dye colours: tan, wine red, scarlet, dark brown, olive green, desert dust, elephant grey, yellow and purple. Over the next few months, I will be creatively at work using the dyed material as I double my inventory. I look forward to this.

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