Friday, May 6, 2011

Extending a vegetable garden by removing willow "stools."

 This morning I decided to extend one section of my garden that I use as a vegetable patch. This meant removing about a dozen willow bushes that had developed "stools" over the years as I cut them back to ground level each year. A "Stool" is a mound of stems originating from the original single stem. In the photo above are several stools of varying sizes. I had cut off the stems and branches earlier in the week.
 The tools I use to get to the stools so I can remove them are a square ended spade, and the short handled adze shown here. These are the stools and roots of the smaller stools I removed myself.
For larger stools, such as this, I dug around the plant and then called in my eldest son, Julian for his muscle power. I am not supposed to exert myself too much following last June's heart attack. Julian helped remove four of the last five stools. The last one, at least twice the size of this one, is left for another day!

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