Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A post-election collection of baskets for the political parties of Canada.

 Following Monday's Federal election in Canada, I selected several of my baskets in colour for four of the parties that had members elected to Parliament. Above is a green rib basket to represent the lone and first Green Party member elected to Canada's Parliament here in Ottawa.
 For the Liberal Party, with their very diminished numbers, is a rib basket in red, the party colours.
 With their new status as the Official Opposition, the N.D.P. have this orange rib basket to represent them.
 And, the Conservative Party, with their new majority, have a more traditional market basket to represent them.
Together, these four baskets represent the new Parliament. (I did not add a fifth basket for the Bloc Quebecois, mostly because I do not know what colour is theirs.)

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