Monday, July 11, 2011

The Tamir Family Picnic

 Tamir is the agency that supports Adrian in his residence and in his day program. Tamir has a number of residences scattered around Ottawa. It brings the residents, families and staff together at its annual picnic held at Andrew Haydon Park. The food is prepared mainly by parent volunteers: chicken on a bun, veggie burgers and pasta salad. It is held in the gazebo and is well attended.
 Kalpur is one of Adrian's weekend staff members. He is a caring individual who loves his work and interactions with the clients.
 Festus is another weekend staffer who we see occasionally working at Adrian's residence.
Here Anne and Adrian are relaxing while waiting for the chicken to be ready to eat.

We enjoy going to the picnic to meet other parents, old and new, to meet some of Adrian's friends, and to meet staff we have got to know over the years. The caring attitude from all gives us joy.

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