Thursday, August 11, 2011

Solar panels installed

 Today, a crew of the three people from ISOLARA SOLAR POWER arrived to install the 21 solar panels that will fit onto our SW facing roof. The complete set of panels readily fitted into this truck.
 Each panel was carefully unwrapped and readied for being taken to the roof.
 The roof had been prepared a couple of weeks before with the installation of the brackets, rails and one micro-inverter for each panel. An inverter converts the DC power produced in the panel from sunlight to AC power that is then fed into the electric grid.  This photo shows the first row of the panels.
 This shows all 21 panels installed.
There are a few more steps before electricity is produced. An electrician is the next person to come to connect the panels. Then the Electrical Safety Authority inspects  and declares it sound. And then, Hydro Ottawa comes to hook up the installation to the grid. These processes could take another month or more.


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