Monday, October 29, 2012

Loading the U-Haul truck with goods for Togo

 This morning, Abdou Amidou (on the left with a scarf) dropped by with a U-Haul truck to pick up the 31 bikes collected by Glen Cairn United Church for his Children of Africa campaign. These bikes, as well as numerous three-ring binders are destined to be shipped to Togo later this year.
The bikes, the binders, and some bags of clothes and soccer equipment take up very little space in the U-Haul. Abdou had two more stops later in the day to add more to today's collection. He will completely fill a 40foot shipping container before this year's work is finished.

The bikes will make a tremendous difference to the children who receive them. They will enable them to get to school quickly and readily instead of embarking on a long walk.

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