Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Fall garden

 Following the spring and summer drought, the Maple trees do not have the usual vibrant colours. Our neighbour's tree, however, is quite beautiful.
 The fall perennials are still doing well in our front garden.
 And there are splashes of colour in the sections that were disturbed by the roadwork from our driveway entrance to the corner of Castlefrank,
 Even the transplanted sedums are doing well this Fall.
 The hydrangea at the corner is blooming nicely despite being shaded by the willows.
 And the Sweet Williams (?) survive from year to year in the shade of the purple smoke bush.
 The hostas are showing the affects of the cooler temperatures.
 But our neighbours backyard tree shows all its glory.
 I do not remember the name of this shrub, but its white berries stand out well.
And the last rose of the season hangs on.

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