Sunday, November 25, 2012

Adrian's birthday

 Today we celebrated Adrian's 43rd birthday. He is pictured above just after he blew out the candles. Adrian, our middle son, is a person with autism as well as a psychotic condition which gives him a "dual diagnosis" designation. We see him most Sunday's, picking him up from his very well run group home.  We never know if he enjoys our company. With his psychosis, these afternoons with him are a strain. Most go very well, but, on other occasions he can explode and try to bite us, or himself. It is very trying.
For today's birthday, we asked our youngest son, Nathan, to drop by with his gift. Adrain completely ignored him during the visit, spending the time in another room. This is characteristic behaviour of his autism. Nathan is trying to get to know him better, but it is difficult for him to get away from his young family.

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  1. Happy birthday to Adrian. I'll bet he enjoyed the cake. :)