Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rib baskets with oak hoops

On the Sunday of the Ottawa Valley Weavers' and Spinners' Guild Exhibition and Sale, I made four rib baskets from some of the oak hoops a fellow guild member gave me. This was to demonstrate how to make rib baskets. It was also a promotion to promote potential workshops on rib basket-making.

The hoops I have range in size from a 3" diameter upwards through 4", 5", 6" to 7". The 3" diameter hoops are shown on the right in the photo above. I sold the 3" and 4" diameter rib baskets I made even before they dried. Above are the two remaining ones, the 5" and 6" diameter baskets.

I plan to make more rib baskets from these remaining hoops: one more 3", one 4", two six inch, and three 7".  Where there are single hoops left, I may pair them with a grapevine hoop of a similar size.

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