Saturday, November 10, 2012

THE HERITAGE FAIR at Spencerville, Ontario, 2013

Anne and I have been invited back to Spencerville, Ontario,  for the 2013 Heritage Fair. There I will demonstrate basket-making as well as having an array of baskets for sale. We will also be in costume.

Last year we took part in the 1812 Heritage Fair at the historic Spenserville Mill. There were re-enactments of skirmishes during the War of !812, English Country Dancing, and lots of people in Regency Costume. We had a great time at the Fair. We look forward to taking part in this colourful event agin next year.

Along with the invitation to again take part came a request for other participants to provide horses as part of the Napoleonic theme. This should add more realism to this re-enactment.

Spencerville is just 10 km North of the junction between Highways 401 and 416, just off highway 416.he

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