Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Making sure all the solar panels are generating power.

 Today, with temperatures expected to go above zero, I felt it was time to clean off the snow from all the solar panels. From the computer display above you can see that I can reach and keep clean the first five rows of panels from the step ladder on my deck. The far two rows of panels are not reachable even with a 16 foot snow rake. They show no power since they are covered in up to nine inches of snow and ice.
 Here are the panels that are snow and ice covered.  To get to them, my son climbs onto the roof.
 They are accessible by walking on the roof to the side of the panels.

 An hour of scraping and pushing the snow and ice accumulation results on cleared panels. Some ice patches remain that will be easily removed once the temperature goes above zero.
 A job well done.
And now all panels are registering production. Tomorrow, I expect all panels to have more or less the same output.

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