Friday, March 29, 2013

A basketry challenge at church today.

 At Glen Cairn United Church this morning there were displays of palm branches by the lecterns. I sat by Bev Armbruster this morning. "Could you make a basket from those palms?" she asked. "I think so." So then I asked Faye Adams if I could take the palms when they were no longer needed. "You can take them after the service is over.," she said.  So, later in the day I did that.
 Elizabeth Jensen's, "Baskets from Nature's Bounty" has a section on "Plaiting", that is weaving with flat materials such as palm fronds. The base I chose to weave used the "Plain weave" shown above.
 Other techniques are described for plaiting too.
 Here I have just started to weave the sides of the basket after interweaving the base.
 At this stage I am beginning to finish the rim by trimming off the stakes that are on the inside of the basket and bending over and tucking in those on the outside.
This is the finsihed product, a very delicate basket.

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