Thursday, April 18, 2013

More from the Toft Gallery

 Here are the last prints, plates and wall hangings from our home gallery. This photo of the Norseman aircraft and fireworks from Red Lake was a gift to us when we left there. It was a gift from the Red Lake and Cochenour United churches. In the background is Red Lake United Church. The fireworks were launched from the lawns of the church.
 Family lore says this one-of-a-kind plate was brought into the family by my mother, probably before she married Dad and is a keepsake from her early days of work in the pottery industry.
 Part of our collection of commemorative plates.
 Other plates in the collection.
 A Gary Lovett print, "Northern Lights over Ena Brook."
 A close-up of the painted photograph of the Mayor of Burslem.
"The Angel of Burslem" stands on the top of the Wedgewood Institute. Anne's family lore says the model for the angel was one of her ancestors. In homage to the Mother Town of Stoke-on-Trent and the potteries, the photograph of the angel is reproduced on 18 ceramic tiles.

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