Friday, June 28, 2013

Cleaning up the storage room in readiness for selling off the basketry materials.

 Today is a very wet and cool day. It was a perfect day to clean up the storage room in preparation for selling off the materials. After my last sale, in Merrickville, Ontario on August 24th and 25th, I will retire from basket-making. With the sale of these surplus materials we will be able to convert the storage room into a bedroom. As you can see in the photo above, the accumulated skeins of round and flat cane were a mess, piled haphazardly in the storage room floor.
 After an hour or sos work, twenty skeins of cane are readily available on the bar. The rest of the discards have been cleaned up and hauled away. Below the skeins, from left to right are: twenty five or more large carrier bags in which to put sold baskets, a plastic container and lid with seven or eight pound of unused rattan cane, perhaps 50 or more hoops of grapevine used as frames for rib baskets, Ikea shoe stands used as display shelving, a tub of skeins of finer cane, and a tub of brown willow used as ribs for rib baskets.
This show a close-up view of the unused cane and the grapevine hoops.

I also have several oak frames for market baskets, lots of plastic beads for decoration, fancy drawer knobs used for lids of sewing baskets, sets of basket making tools, three packs of Rit dye and a small library of books about basket making.

All, and the four U-line shelving units, will be available for sale at the end of August at my home in Ottawa.

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