Sunday, June 23, 2013

Spencerville is my penultimate show and sale.

 While I enjoy making baskets, the chore of going to sales venues has become too much for me. This weekend at the Spencerville Heritage Fair proved to be as tiring as other events I have been to recently. It is tiring to load up the car with the shelving units and baskets, and to tie down two totes on top of the car with bungee cords. It is tiring to assemble the shelving units and to arrange the display of baskets. And it is wearing to sit for hours over the weekend talking to people, demonstrating how to make baskets, and selling some. And then there is the breakdown of the shelves, the packing up, loading the car and driving home.
At the Spencerville Heritage Fair i sold quite a few baskets even though attendance at the Fair was very much reduced from last year. My sales were good because I advertised: "SALE: 50% OFF ALL BASKETS." This was my response to the weariness I feel. I plan to dispose of my cane, willow and grapevine I have on hand. I hope to sell off my shelving units. I will donate my small library of basketry books to the Guild. And, at my last scheduled show in Merrickville in late August, I will offer the remaining inventory at 50% off. Whatever remains after that will be donated to worthy events or sold very locally.

Basket-making was a good hobby, but it is time to retire and take up other pursuits.

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