Saturday, July 27, 2013

A beautiful day for cycling

 Today, Anne and I lead six other cyclists from the "Wheels of Fortune" cycling group on the Long Sault Parkway by the St. Lawrence Seaway. The day was just right for cycling. It was not too hot, with a refreshing breeze and brilliant sun. The skyscapes were magnificant.
 I would describe this as a "mackerel" sky.
This section of the trail was on a causeway between, on the left, the St. Lawrence and on the right another body of water. It was here that on the way back we all stopped and watched a Blue Heron wading and fishing, quite successfully. My camera was not up to the job of capturing that action, unfortunately.
Many specimens of trailside wild flowers brightened our path. The corn flowers and Queen Anne's Lace were a few of these plants.

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