Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Temporary and permanent solutions to the nesting of squirrels.

 Our carport/deck became a place in which squirrels nested. Between the deck surface and the underside that formed the roof of the carport was an ideal place for squirrels to nest. The corrugated plastic panels shown here were screwed to the underside of the deck to collect rain water that fell on the deck and found its way between the decking.

The squirrels nested in this handy cavity, and made quite a mess. They were noisy as they scrambled on the plastic surface, and their droppings were falling around the carport.

Anne looked in the internet to see how to drive them away. "Vinegar" was the promised temporary solution. It seemed to work as she mopped a vinegar solution onto the the deck so it would seep through and onto the squirrels. It may also have been that the babies were old enough to me moved.
Today, I removed all the panels from beneath the deck as a permanent solution. There are no longer handy, out-of-sight nesting areas available.

Anne is concerned that the car will now get dripped on whenever it rains. We will see if this is a problem. If it is we could then put some kind of covering in the deck floor.

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