Monday, August 26, 2013

My last basketry show and exhibition.

 On Saturday morning, we set off to Merrickville with the car packed to its roof line with baskets, a pop-up tent, shelving, as well as two large fully-loaded totes bungee corded to the car roof. This two-day sale is to be my last sale as I retire from basket-making. My "SALE: 50% off all baskets" sign was ready.
 Here we were ready to begin the sale. There were four units of U-lineshelving lined with the baskets. Each of the units was 54" tall, and had four one foot wide, four feet long shelves. Three of the units were free standing, while the fourth attaches with "ess" hooks to one of the free standing units. Additional baskets graced the table and others were hung from the roof structure of the sun tent.

 By the end of Saturday's sales we were able to dismantle one of the free standing shelving units since the sales had been so good we no longer had enough inventory to put on them.
By the end of Sunday's sales we were able to pack the tent, the remaining shelves and baskets into the car along with the totes. Our inventory was drastically decreased, and our wallets were much fatter.

We have had a fine time over the years attending shows. However, it has become very tiring to do all the preparation and then the tear down. So its time to call it a day. My next blog will be to list the items I will have for sale (shelving, tools, raw materials) that may be picked up at my home in Kanata, Ontario.

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