Thursday, August 22, 2013

Signs and Portents: England, August 2013.

 Either the members just sit around or an apostrophe is missing.
 Alrewas is a hive of cultural experiences.
 Coronatation Square? When the coronation commemorated was in 1910.
 Anyone for a funky cut?
 The cheese purveyed here was delicious.
 A sign at a pedestrian precinct guarded by automated bollards.
 It seems this sign was necessary.
 Loose gravel?
 An informative sign at the lych-gate entrance to the church.
 The shirt to which this notice was attached featured Guinness brewery harps on its collar. Is it really necessary to curtail sales of such shirts to those below the legal drinking age?
 A "Road Works" sign might be simpler.
 Another informative sign.
 A sign in a ladies' washroom, according to Anne.
 "Currently (and unavoidably) closed."

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