Thursday, October 3, 2013

Refurbishing the master-bedroom closet

 Our master-bedroom closets were in drastic need of refurbishment. The bi-fold closet doors never shut properly. My closet was accessed through a hole in the wall since it was the closet for the office/bedroom on the far side of the closet wall.
 This is the view of my closet from the office side of the closet with the office access-door to it in the open position.
 We hired "Handyman Connections  " to remove the closet and to make the wall between the two rooms one solid wall. As the interior walls of the closet were removed we found that the Parquet flooring did not extend beneath them. No new parquet was available to match the old, so I had to remove the flooring inside the closet space. Each individual piece was glued down solidly. It took me almost four hours on my hands and knees to remove it, using a hammer and chisel.
 The tools of removal.
I replaced the Parquet with some laminate flooring and a matching threshold strip.
We purchased an IKEA wardrobe unit to replace the worn closet. We had it delivered and assembled. It took the two delivery men one hour to assemble the unit. We estimate it would have taken us all day and a great deal of frustration to do the assembling ourselves!
My side of the wardrobe has two bars on which to hang clothes. The wire basket below has proven to be very handy for temporary storage of laundry.
Here my side of the wardrobe is filled with my clothes. Anne's side is partially filled, with more to come.
The last step in the process was to take the construction debris to the curb today in readiness for the garbage pick-up. All was removed as I wrote this blog.

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