Friday, October 11, 2013

Riding a new to us trail at Kazabazua, Quebec.

 Today was another beautiful fall day. Anne suggested we go bike riding, "Somewhere we have not been." So I looked at the National Capital Commission's map of bike trails in the Ottawa region and saw a new route: the veloroute des draveurs. This was about 90 minutes distance by car from our home. I selected one of the villages on that route, Kazabazua, as the starting point since it has such an evocative name. This photo shows the starting point, with the gates that are easy to ride through.
 The trail follows the bed of an abandoned rail line. It is hillier than other ex rail lines though.
 The hills in the background indicate the ups and downs we followed.
 The turn round point of our ride had this old covered bridge. These are fairly common in Quebec.
 The day was glorious.
 There was even a shelter at one point should the weather turn nasty.
 The rules of the trail are spelled out. No more than three peoples can walk on the trail side by side.

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