Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Making a new laundry basket

 Over the last two days I made this laundry basket. The notes I had said I needed for the body nine 10" stakes and 36 32" stakes. For the lid I needed ten 10" stakes and 40 14" stakes. From these cryptic notes I made the finished product as shown above.
 Beads and a wide band of flat cane were one of the design elements,
 Another design element was the addition of a band of webbibg.
 This shows what I did with the ten 10" stakes for the lid. I started by piercing five of the stakes with the bodkin or awl shown above. I then poked the other five stakes through the pierced five to form a cross.
 I then wove three rings of round cane around the cross before beginning to separate the stakes,
 Eventually, all twenty ends of the ten stakes were separated.
 I continued weaving until I reached the end of the stakes. These were all then trimmed off.
 This was when I inserted the 40 14" stakes, one on each side of the 20 beginning stake ends.
Here again is the finished product.

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