Sunday, April 19, 2009

Google product search

Today I was browsing the Business Topics on Etsy's Forum pages when I came across: "Get into Google's "Shopping" search results - use Google Base." It went on to say "It only takes 10 minutes - so don't just bookmark this thread - try it now." I tried it, and 30 or so minutes later, with Anne's help, I succeeded. (Steps 1 to 10 went fine, but step 11 was a bummer.)

When you enter Google, you will notice the "shopping" link at the top of the Google search page. Have you noticed "Shopping results for XXXX" at the top of the Google search results? To have your shop items show up in these specialised results you need to upload your items to Google's free advertising program, called "Google Base." The article on the Business Topics Forum linked to the step-by-step process to get included in that "shopping" search base.

This base gets your items into their product search results, not their regular search results.

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