Monday, April 20, 2009

Two steps forward, one step back

Its very useful having an ex-programmer in the household. After my unsuccessful attempts to register for Google's Web Analytics, Anne succeeded. I can now see a range of data about the visits to my shop. What words did they use in their searches? Where did they come from? How long did they stay? How many pages of my shop did they look at? And so on. Since the data today only refers to one day's visit, I have not learned much about the traffic to my site. But as the weeks go on, I might learn enough to tweak elements to encourage more traffic, and, hopefully, sales.

Later today, I will also check to see if registering was successful on that Google shopping site.

We have been unsuccessful in registering this blog on the Technorati site. (When I say "We" this means Anne met and did not overcome the same roadblock that I encountered.) That roadlock seems to be one met by many people trying to register their blogs on this site according to a site forum. We might give up on this or continue to monitor the forum for any breakthroughs.

Another step back came with the news that my basket-making class next Saturday with the Ottawa Valley Weavers ' and Spinners' Guild has been cancelled due to insufficient registrants. That does free me to take Adrian to a huge garage sale. And, I will be able to attend the dress rehearsal for the upcoming Annual Church Show that celebrates 40 years of the church as well as 40 years of Seseme Street.

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