Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baskets photographed in our garden

Last week I asked for a "critique" of my etsy shop by other sellers on etsy. One suggestion was that I photograph my baskets in sunlight and show some pictures with "stuff "(a highly technical term) in them to show how baskets could be used. Here are some examples of my first foray into natural shots.
I retook photos for eight of my baskets. The task of doing this for all is somewhat intimidating. And, while I can add them to my etsy shop, they appear as the last of the photos in each particular set of five.
The "stuff" I placed in some baskets included several stems of rhubarb, branches of apple blossom, and an African Violet from inside the house.
This may be my last blog until June. Anne and I are taking Adrian on a holiday trip to Rhode Island, leaving on Friday. We will be back in Ottawa on the 31st.

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