Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chats bring sales

For the last few days I have discovered "Chat groups" on the main etsy website. Here you can promote your work to other buyers and sellers as well as view their work. Its an area where discussion ranges far and wide on a variety of topics all at the same time. In addition photos of the work of those in the group pass by, sometimes very quickly. Further, if you do not contribute to the discussion, instead, lurk, you are automatically kicked out of the site.
Discusions on problems of breast feeding, pet problems, PMS and husbands are some of the recent discussion threads I did not take part in.
This morning a person from Reading, England was on the chat I joined. I added the information that Anne and I spent our honeymoon on a canal boat on the canalised section of the Thames from London to Reading. The Reading person answered by offering to purchase both items shown here if I would make a deal. This I agreed to, and by noon Ottawa time, the items were sold via email communication. They are in the mail now, despite today's sermon on the history and present-day observances of the Sabbath.
The coins are a Commemorative "Crown" (five shilling piece) from the 1951 Festival of Britain and nine 1977 Silver Jubilee Crowns.

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