Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rainy day postings

For a rainy day Ottawa morning, I re-photographed the three bracelets I have on the "Vintage" section of my etsy shop. And then I added the three items shown here in a new section called "vintage coins".
The collection is a collection of souvenir coins, mostly dollars, from a variety of places in Canada including Red Lake, Kamloops and Annapolis Royal. The battered case contains a five shilling piece (a crown) that commemorates the 1951 Festival of Britain, while the coin is one of nine "crowns" to celebrate the Queen's silver jubilee in 1977. Apparently, we received these crowns as gifts for our three boys from relatives in England. (Anne has a much better memory than I.)
Click on any of my baskets to access my etsy shop to check out these and other items.

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