Friday, May 8, 2009

Willows in my garden: another blogger

WILLOWS IN MY GARDEN: A week or so ago I "planted" twenty or thirty new willow plants by cutting off around eight inches of a willow whip and sticking these cuttings directly into the ground. Click onto the lower of the three willow photos and you will see that these appear to be surviving and thriving.

The second photo shows a patch of willow that has quite severe winter damage. I will cut it down soon and make use of whatever is rescuable as white willow. My suburban Ottawa home is in the background.

In an earlier blog I showed a photo of the willow "stool" that remained after I cut down its willow whips last fall. At that time the stool was a dormant mass of apparently dead wood. The third photo, with tulips and narcissi, shows how this has sprung back to life. By the fall this stool will be a mass of willow whips reaching perhaps nine feet in height.


This morning I received an email from another etsian telling me she had featured me in her blog.
Her day's blog is called "In love with Wicker" and it features on of my baskets along with two other baskets from other basket-makers. Check out her blog at and one of her etsy on-line shops at

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