Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Christmas Star

Last night, I went to the Ottawa Weavers and Spinner Guild to collect handouts for their show at the end of October. I was asked to wait to collect an example of a product I could sell at that Exhibition and Sale. The Christmas Star shown in the photograph is that example. "You will have no difficulty in working out how to make them. You can offer them for sale at between $10 and $15 each." While the star looks complicated, it does look relatively easy to make. I will try to make some next week, after the tray kits. I will then post one or more on my etsy site for a "Christmas in July" offering.
This week, three etsians have featured a basket of mine in their Treasuries. Two of these Treasuries were from members of "etsy for autism." The other devised a Treasury of examples of work from male-owned etsy shops. It appears males are rare on etsy. I have also booked Thursday for an appearance on a Housewares Showcase too. Lots of publicity this week.

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  1. Hey that is great John, I am glad you are settling in on Etsy. Congrats on the treasuries!! I'm always thrilled to get one/be in one :)