Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A tray kit: first model

Today I completed a new tray, and then created a kit so that others could then make it with their own personalised element. The kit comes with a plywood base that is sanded, ready for personalised finishing. It can be finished with beeswax, stain and varnish, tole painting etc. The kit includes weaving instructions. It is made so that the materials will fit into a "Business Depot" mailing box. I plan to make additional kits of different sizes and styles that would also fit into various box mailers. Check my etsy shop for more details on this kit.


  1. That is beautiful! Are they hard to make? Could someone with, say, no experience make them and have them turn out, or are you better to have some basket weaving experience before attempting this one?

  2. These are relatively easy to make.The instructions are quite detailed, but the diagrams are rough and ready. My worst mark ever in High School so many years ago was 25% in art!