Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Model Christmas Star: some success

Today I had some success in making a model of a Christmas Star from Bristol Board instead of cane.
First I cut the Bristol Board into 5" wide strips so I could feed them through my pasta cutter. I selected the cutter for 1/4" wide strips and fed the Bristol Board through the machine. It worked wonderfully. Nice, even width strips!
Then I wove two sets of seven strips through seven to form the top and bottom elements of the star. I placed the top element over the bottom on top of a spacer (my measuring tape) ensuring that the top element was at a 45 degree angle to the bottom as is shown in the photograph. I then glued the first point of the eight pointed star as shown in the next picture. I completed four of the star points before I turned the model over. It was at this point that I could remove the tape measure.
I formed the remaining four star points. The finished star is not to the standard to which I aspire. It is somewhat eccentric in shape. For a project like this ecccentricity is not desired.

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  1. very cool! I love the blue reminds me of some very old straw stars that my parents have which have a special place in my heart! good idea and I think people will love them!