Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tray Making Tutorial: Part 3: Weaving with flat cane

To weave with flat cane, first of all soak it.
Flat cane is woven using one strand of cane at a time, not two strands as in twining.
Before you weave run your finger tips along both sides of the cane to identify which side is "smooth" and which is "rough." Place the smooth side facing out when weaving.
Place the first weaver so that its tip rests against a stake, and protudes a half-inch to wards you as in the first photo. Weave the cane behind one and in front of one around the tray circumference.
When you come to the stake from which you started, prepare to overlap as shown in the next photo. Overlap for about four stakes, and trim off any excess cane. The trimmed piece should rest behind a stake as shown.
Begin the next row of flat cane on the next side to the right, beginning in front of a stake the first flat cane weaver went behind. See the photo. Complete the row of weaving and repeat with more rows if desired.

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