Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tray Making Tutorial: Part 4: Placing the beads to make handle spaces

To make handle spaces, beads should be placed on the shorter sides of a tray base where there is an odd number of stakes.
Start by placing beads on the central stake of that side, e.g stake number 6 on a side with 11 stakes. Place three medium size beads on this stake. (Or the number described in the instructions.) Place three on the stakes adjacent to this central stake, two on the next stakes to their left and right, and one on the next stakes. See the photo.
Weave a row of twining around the whole tray and over the beads as in the photo.

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  1. These are so super cool - you could probably sell these tutorials on your Etsy store (though maybe then they shouldn't be on the blog, but they are so neat!).
    Best of luck with your tutorials :D