Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back on track.

After the floods of July 24th, their aftermath, two-two-day sessions of having the upstairs parquest floor refinished and two bouts of stomach flu, I can now begin to get back on track with my Etsy shop and with life in general.
Today I posted these limited edition sketches we bought when we lived in Red Lake in the 1980s. The sketches are by a person named P. Spuzak. A search of the internet finds a Peter Spuzak from Rainy River, not too far from Red Lake in NW Ontario distance terms. (Only a five to six hour drive.)
The internet describes Mr. Spuzak as an artist, beef farmer and Township Councillor. But I could find no more information about his art.
I tried to contact the Art Gallery from which I bought the sketches (Omega Graphics in Red Lake). It is no longer in operation according to one of my friends who still lives there. So, the prices are guestimates of the value of these prints.

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