Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bread for the table

Last week, the Minister at Glen Cairn United Church, my home church, asked if I could supply the church with a selection of my baskets for the communion table that coming Sunday. For Communion that day she planned to have a large selection of breads available and on display. People could then select the bread they desired, break a piece off, and then dip the selected bread in the Communion wine. Of course I agreed.

I selected around eight of my baskets as appropriate. Rev. Kathy Petrie, the Minister, then dropped by with a large selection of breads. All baskets would be needed.

I am told the display on the Communion Table was outstanding. (No photos were taken.) And after the service, people took the remaining loaves and rolls and crackers home to continue their feast. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend and see it since I had a horrible bout of stomach flu that caused me to lose eight pounds in twenty-four hours.

I have heard good comments about my baskets, and have received one order for a hearth basket from a fellow church member. And I have been asked to make a cornucopia for the Thanksgiving Service too.

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