Monday, August 10, 2009

Flood damage in my basketry storage area.

Just over two weeks after our basement flooded during that third "storm of the century" in thirteen years, we were able to get to the basement to start to check on items for damage. The "tear out" of the damged flooring and two feet of the wall is 99% complete, so we can now move things around and look at the damage not visible before.
The large yellow containers are sona tubes for pouring concrete forms that I used to store my cane and willow in. The water damaged these, so I have replaced them with large plastic garbage pails. The white willow shown here was stored vertically in these open-ended tubes and thus sat in water. Mould is evident at their tips, so off they go. The cane stored in these containers shows no sign of mould, fortunately.
The large Ali Baba basket shown below sat in the storage room. Its base shows signs of mould too, and so it must go.
On Sunday, one more person from the City came to document the damages. Since my basket supplies are classed as business items, they are not covered by our domestic insurance. This last person suggested I put in a claim to the City for the replacment cost of the business supplies I have lost.
(We have also appled to the City for a 100% grant to put in a sewer back-up valve.)

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