Thursday, August 20, 2009

The complete book of Basketry Techniques

The complete book of Basketry Techniques is another book I would recommend to serious basket makers. As you can see from the page devoted to the weave called the Three-rod Wale, the instructions are very clear and understandable.
Chapters are as follows:
1. Materials
2. Workshop, tools and equipment
3. Structures
4. Basics and special techniques
5. Bases and staking up
6. Weaves
7. Borders
8. Handles
9. Lids, fastenings and fittings
10. Programme of work
11. Designing
It is a complete book. Its "Programme of Work" chapter has patterns for twenty-two baskets of increasing complexity. Anyone who masters all twenty-two baskets in this programme can properly be called an expert. I have mastererd perhaps half of them.
The Complete Book of Basketry Techniques is written by Sue Gabriel and Sally Goymer, published by David and Charles, with the paper back edition dated as 1999, and running to 176 pages. It is a worthwhile addition to your basketry library.


  1. Hello from a fellow Canadian! I have never tried basket weaving before.. looks quite fun! ;)

  2. I agree, very good book, thanks for the review, i will be referring people here to read it!