Thursday, September 17, 2009

Custom work as inspiration

Recently, after several "convos" (conversations via Etsy's internal email system), I made the tray shown here as a custom order for a buyer from Colorado. It is similar to a tray I have that features a blue flat cane highlight band and blue Pony Beads for the handle areas. The custom order asked for brown flat cane and red Pony Beads. As you can see, the customer has good colour sense.

This colour choice led me to make two other baskets using the same colour combinations. With a body of natural (undyed) cane, this waste paper basket features a band of brown flat cane highlighted above and below with bands of red Pony Beads. I think the end result is quite attractive. When I showed this off at a meeting of the Ottawa Valley Weavers and Spinners Guild, one comment was that it was too beautiful for a waste paper basket.

This basket uses the same colour combinations of natural, brown and red in a very different design. The waste paper basket above is made in the Appalachian style of flat cane weaving. This basket, with a solid plywood base is woven in the English "stake and strand" method of construction. Similar to the tray design its highlight bands are made from brown rattan cane. Here flat cane weavers are supplemented with bands of round cane waling. The Pony Bead handles echo the tray design.

I welcome other custom orders in colour combinations of your choice.

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