Saturday, September 19, 2009

Motor cycle mystery

For some unknown reason today, I remembered a mystery involving a motorcycle of mine that happened around Christmas 1964. At that time I was attending the London School of Economics in London, England, and was travelling back to London from my home in Stoke-on-Trent after the Christmas break. I was riding my trusty BSA 1000 during a snow storm. I would have welcomed the Mad Bomber Hat shown here, but had a motor cycle helmet and newspaper stuffed beneath my jacket to keep me warm.

As the snow thickened, I rode with one gauntletted hand in front of my face to shield me from the snow. On-coming cars dazzled me and I left the road to find myself a few moments later in the middle of a pasture. I turned round, found the gate to the pasture, and returned to the highway. I made the rest of the jouney to my digs in Shepherd's Bush without incident. The gauntlets I was wearing were no way as warm and cosy as the ones shown here.

On the many other occasions I rode past the place where I left the road, I could never figure out how I ended up in the pasture. Between the road and the pasture was a deep ditch. I do not recall going through this. On the far side of the ditch was a barbed wire fence. That was not in my memory either. How I crossed into the pasture without hitting the ditch or the fence is a mystery to this day. I do rember having to open the pasture gate to exit!

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