Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Adrian's primary careworker resigns.

Tonight as is usual I visited Adrian at his home to take him to the library, a store of his choice, then Tim Hortons (for a doughnut) and a twenty-minute walk for exercise. His primary care worker asked me to stop by and see him when I brought Adrian back to his home.

It was then that I received the news that he has resigned from Tamir, and is taking up a position with the Catholic School board as a teaching assistant. This was quite a shock since this person has been a strong advocate for Adrian. "Ask Allan," is a phrase we have used with Adrian for a number of years now as he obsesses about particular purchases he wants (such as his current obsession for an iPOD palyer.)

I wished Allan well and thanked him for his devotion to Adrian. He asked if he could drop by to our home when Adrian is with us. Of course I said that was fine. We will keep in touch.

We hope Adrian is not too disturbed by this change. Change is not easy for him to handle. There is a good core of staff who work with him and who will work with him to help him through this time of change. Time will tell.

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