Sunday, October 4, 2009

Renovations have a down side!

On Monday of last week, the renovations to clean up the flood damage began. This was two months after the July 24th flood. But our house is well ahead of many others in the community!

My storage area shown here was the first to have the dry wall replaced and mudding begin. The subfloor was also insatlled. A 5' by 5" area of that subfloor will have to be removed so a plumber can jack-hammer the concrete floor to install anti-flood valves on the sewer and storm water drains.

This is where our eldest son sleeps. It is not the most salubrious of areas at the moment. Still, he does have access by 4 30 pm. He works an early morning shift loading trucks for UPS and so leaves for work at 2 00 am each day.

His bathrom area is not functional. The toilet was removed from its wax ring so the dry wall behind could be installed and mudded. While the tub and shower are fuctional, they are not usable. The 20l flush toilet will be replaced with a low flush dual toilet.

The downstairs living room is a mass of piled up material. Somewhere in there is Anne's piano. No practicing! When I search for basketry supplies and tools, I sometimes despair at finding what I need.

The laundry room and downstairs kitchen leaves a lot to be desired. Anne did manage to do some laundry this weekend, but it was a struggle.

This is the area of my "Studio" in which I normally work. Lately I have worked on baskets and my new line of cards upstairs in the dining area.

All my finished baskets are stored temporarily in the upstairs dining area. I hope to be able to sort out baskets I need for next weekends West Carleton Arts Society's Exhibition and Show from this assortment.

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  1. Oh goodness John, I am so glad that things are getting fixed, but I am sorry that you have to go through such a disruption to get it. I hope everything is fixed and spic and span as soon as possible :)