Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The low down on Fanny baskets

Recently, during Etsy chat group sessions, I have been asked what the term "Fanny" means in relation to my Fanny baskets. British chatters find the term somewaht vulgar, while North American chatters seem to comprehend it. The photo here shows one of my Fanny baskets, illustrating the "cheeks" that make up its fanny shape.

The illustration here shows a "Very full-fannied Egg (basket) with four point lashing (god's eye). That is the style of basket I call a fanny basket. This illustration is from "The Basket Book" by Lyn Siler, Sterling Publishing, New York, 1988.

My 1994 Oxford Paperback Dictionary lends some clarity to the source of the cross-Atlantic confusion over the term, "Fanny".

"Fanny", noun, 1. (Amer. slang) The buttocks

2. (Vulgar) The female genitals.

I hope this low down on the differences in meaning to the term "fanny" will assauge any discomfort over my descriptive usage of this term.


  1. How neat (and kind of funny in a tee-hee sort of way)!

  2. interesting...i like finding out the source of words!