Monday, October 12, 2009


This is part of the beautiful and bountiful display before the Communion Table of Glen Cairn United Church yesterday. The upper edge of the cornucopia I made for the church can just be seen in the centre of the display. Thanks must go to Faye Adams for her creativity in setting up this artistic display.
A large, empty cardboard box was placed at the entrance to the sanctuary. People placed gifts for the Kanata Food Bank in this before they entered. At the end of the service this box was, like a cornucopia, filled to the brim and overflowing. Thanks indeed.
The Senior Choir's anthem was a song of Thanksgiving, "Kwimba Asante". This was a rousing anthem of praise in an echo and response style where the bases sang the Swahili words and the tenors, altos and sopranos sang the English translation. Additional words of thanks in Japanese, Russian and Spanish were then sung by the altos and sopranos which the tenors and bases translated into, "We thank you," "We thank you." Drum accompanyment added to the pleasure of this rythmic song of joy.
(Photo courtesy of Robert Tate.)

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  1. I just learned that the congregation of Glen Cairn United contributed $1200 to the Kanata Food Cupboard in addition to the food donations that Sunday!