Saturday, November 28, 2009

Adrian's 40th birthday party

For Adrian's 40th birthday we had a small family party. The cake was made at "The Cake Shop" in a peanut free environment. The cake was also sugar free. For those that wanted it, there was also Chapman's Ice Cream that is also peanut free. Adrian's nephew is allergic to peanuts, though he is slowly growing out of that.

The tape measure was a special feature for his cake. As a person with autism, Adrian has his own fixations. Tape measures are one such fixation. He has ten in his collection and would have many more if we let him.

This is the closest we could get to a smile as we sang "Happy Birthday to you."

Adrain's Mum did the honours in cutting the cake.

As you can see from the stuck out tongue, Adrian really liked his presents: an iPOD Touch, a case for it and a Gift Card to down load from iTunes.

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