Sunday, November 29, 2009

First set of basket-making lessons completed

Patrisha arrived at 8 45 am for the second day of her basket-making lessons. For her sewing basket all that remained to be done was to weave the lid. This was done in less than two hours. Her finished basket and mine are shown here, side by side. Which is the student's work and which is the teacher's?

By noon, Patrisha had woven the base of her market basket as well as the first three rounds of the sides. After a 30 minute lunch break, Patrisha worked hard to complete the market basket. At times I had difficulty in keeping up with her. For example, when we each completed the lashing of the rim she finished at least 10 minutes before I did. The student's work and the teacher's are again showed side by side.

These are Patrisha's baskets. She is a very fast learner and well on her way to becoming an accomplished basket-maker.

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  1. Thanks to John I learned a wonderful skill that i've been waiting a very long time to learn! I'm soo grateful he opened his home and shared his skills with me and i'm looking forward to learning more! It was a great and easy way to learn, much better then trying to figure it out with books and I hope and wish more and more people will want to learn basket making with John!I highly recommend him and hope that more student will knock at his door.
    PS_Thanks John for the wondertful learning sessions and posting the updates here on your site, very much appreciated:D