Monday, November 30, 2009

The Big Dig: Oh, my front yard!

This morning, just before 8 00 am the Big Dig started. Lots of construction vehicles and men arrived to close off the road and begin excavating. The plan is to replace the collapsed sanitary sewer lines from my home and from my neighbours. Both lines go under our beautiful front yard where our perennials were to be found.

This is the beginning of the excavation. At the far end of the trench are the remains of the storm sewer. The men in the trench are hand digging to find the sanitary sewers. The water line is exposed and the sanitary sewers are beneath that.

The plumbers also arrived but major disagreements arose as to whether or not the trench should be extended to the footings of the house so as to enable pipes to be installed for a sump pump. The engineer's description of what is needed for this does not make sense to the crew here. And to excavate there would mean removing the air conditioner unit for which other crews would be needed. One job leads to another, and another, and another.....


  1. I really feel for you and your wife and neighbors. This must be extremely stressful and tiring.

  2. Plans, like excavation, require a lot of time to think and negotiate. It's a difficult mental work. The plan should be finalized before they even start digging it. Problems should be expected too, so there should always be a plan B. In this case, the plumbers and the contractor didn't work well together. There should be proper communication between the parties, and must come up with a decent agreement. The delay of the project is not the only cause of not having a strict plan, but it could bring stress to the project owner, neighbors, and crews as well.

    Salvatore Aguilar