Saturday, November 7, 2009

The end of the renovations is in sight!

At last we can see the end is in sight for the renovations following the July 24th flood. The laminate flooring was finished on Friday and we were able to move things back to more or less where they belong. The cane and willow are now in my storage room. In the far corner of this room (not shown) a cupboard has still to be built over the clean-outs to the storm and sanitary sewers, and the water meter.

Julians sleeping area is now looking a bit more civilised. As you can see, finishing touches still need to be made where the laminate flooring meets the baseboards.

Doors still have to be rehung. My studio work area is here, but it is still not time to bring the baskets down here for display.

The tiled floor is finished in the bathroom. Next comes the re-installation of the toilet and the hooking up of the sink.

We can now sit in relative comfort in the living room downstairs, and even access the piano which just shows in the bottom left corner of this photo.

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