Friday, November 6, 2009

One job leads to another: redux!

Yesterday I wrote about how this section of the front garden will be excavated to install a back-up valve on the storm sewer line. This morning I received a call from "Steve" of the City of Ottawa. There are two sanitary sewer lines in addition to the storm sewer line. Earlier, in October, back-up valves were placed on those lines, one in our half of the semi and one in our neighbour's half. Now Steve has had time to review the videos taken of these sanitary sewer lines after they were cleaned out. Each has a sag in it. Fortunately for us, these sags are on City property, not ours. The City will pay the costs of replacing the lines and eliminating the sags. It will entail digging up portions of our gardens and lawns since our yards do extend onto City property. At least we will find out where our property lines are!

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  1. Wow, what a drag! However, it is VERY good that they are paying and not you, I have a neighbor in construction who just had to fix someone's sewer connection (they had a similar problem, but theirs started to leak or crack or something) and it was on their property...for $22000 they got it fixed, and that was after he gave them a good deal, being a REALLY nice guy!
    I hope they fix it soon and leave your lawn looking nice afterward (we can hope right?)