Thursday, November 5, 2009

One job leads to another

Later today (or more likely next week) a back hoe will arrive to dig up the raised garden at the front of my home so as to install the back-water valve on the storm sewer. In order to prepare for this I had to remove the 8"by8" beams that form the edging to that part of the garden that will be excavated. As I removed these I remembered that there were grey and red housebricks beneath them that formed an edging in the Mark 1 version of that raised garden. These were now accessible and could be removed for other use.

I also had a path made of cement flagstone slabs adjacent to the area to be excavated. Surely I could break these up into crazy paving pieces, remove them and add to the incomplete crazy paving path. This I did, to Anne's approval.

I then replaced the uprooted housebricks to make a pathway adjacent to the area to be excavated. Now I need about a dozen more housebricks to complete the path as well as more crazy paving.

As I said in the title, one job leads to another!


  1. Do I see that huge stone you loaded on the back of your bike in the upper left of of the second picture?