Thursday, November 26, 2009

Final preparations for the big dig?

Yesterday, Steve from the City called to say that the big dig to replace and repair the sanitary sewers would start on Monday, November 30th. He also said that the storm sewer on our property needed replacement. Then we received a flyer in our mail box advising us (and our neighbours for blocks) that because of the big dig the local bus service woulfd be re-routed off our street for three days.

Given all this I began what I hope is my final preparations for that dig. I removed the crazy paving pathway, more perennials and most of the bricks that formed a patio area. The bird feeder also had to be relocated. We anticipate that the section to the edge of the raised garden will be excavated.

The crazy paving forms a forlorn looking rubble mass on top of another stretch of crazy paving.

And the bricks form neat piles awaiting replacement, hopefully before the snow flies.

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